The Fragrance of Many Virtues: Reflections on Courteousness


Orthodox Ruminations

ImageA monk posted these thoughts on courteousness a few days on Facebook, and I particular loved what Met. Seraphim had to say. I remember learning at Mt. Mission School from my Junior-Senior Bible teacher that we all too often fail to be courteous to others. What Met. Seraphim says here about it is very great advice and contains a jewel of a virtue to possess.

Many have heard me say these two quotes from Richard Mouw a lot recently:

A lot of people today who have strong convictions are not very civil and a lot of people who are civil don’t have very strong convictions. What we really need is convicted civility.”

Too often in life we proceed with a hermeneutic of self-assuredness and criticism of those for whom we disagree rather than a hermeneutic of self-criticism and grace for others.”

I believe that courteousness lies at the heart of…

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