Worrying About the Pope, or It’s Time to Evangelizationize the World

Eclectic Orthodoxy

I have to confess that I have wickedly enjoyed all the internet hand wringing by conservative and traditional Catholics in response to Pope Francis’s interview in America magazine. They are worried that in Francis the Catholic Church now has the pope that Vatican II progressives have been praying for for the past fifty years. They are worried that Francis’s remarks “do not challenge but instead reinforce America’s dominant ideological frame” (R. R. Reno). They are worried that with Pope Francis at the helm, the reform of the Catholic Church will grind to a halt. They are worried that if the Catholic Church ceases to focus on the important ethical (read “sexual”) issues of the day, the barbarians at the gate will soon overwhelm us.

But what exactly did the Pope say? The controversial sentences are these:

We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the…

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