The Most Holy Theotokos Enters the Temple

lessons from a monastery

Today marks the two year anniversary of this blog. In some ways it’s hard to believe it’s only been two years: so many posts, so many connections and relationships with readers. Thank you for your support and prayers. May the Most Holy Lady, the Ever Virgin Mary be with us all!

To those who foolishly believe and teach, on account of Biblical criticism and other equally ridiculous theories, that the Theotokos did not enter the temple at three years of age and dwell in the Holy of Holies because the Jews never would have permitted a woman to enter the Holy of Holies, St. Gregory Palamas says:

It was because Moses foresaw that she would be the living Tabernacle who would hold God, that he erected that other Tabernacle, prepared that inmost sanctuary [the Holy of Holies] for her sake and, learning from God what would befall her, dignified it…

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