A Prayer For Christmas

It is that time of year when the  good majority of western civilization is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, to some this is a very joyful time, a time to be with family, a time to give and receive gifts, a time to watch the old movies  and tell the old stories that are associated with the most cherished values of man. Some are quick to  proclaim that Christ is forgotten during this time of year, that the holiday has become nothing more than a paganized holiday, a time of secular indulgence, used to excuse gluttony, drunkenness, and other sinful passions, that it is truly not of Christ or His true Church. Yet I do not believe that the Christmas season is totally devoid of Christ, and that the celebration of His birth is truly a good thing, even though there are folks that tend to forget the true reason of the season. There are those that say that the early Christians did not have a special day for the celebration of Christmas as we do today. This could be true, yet if it is so, I believe that the early Christians celebrated Jesus Christ’s birth, death and resurrection everyday, and this should be emulated. The nativity of Christ is truly a joyful, miraculous, awe-inspiring event that needs to be remembered and celebrated, in songs of praise, in gift giving, in feasting  and other ways that are not sinful. I should not judge how others participate or refuse participate in this celebration.

This is my personal prayer for Christmas:

My Heavenly Father, I wish to whole heartedly  thank you for the miracle that is celebrated this season, the birth of Your only begotten son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let me greet this time with celebration, thanksgiving,  and joy, remembering always the many gifts and blessings that You have bestowed upon this sinner. Let me never forget that You so loved the world that You sent Your only begotten Son into the world for my salvation and the salvation the whole world. Let me receive His light and remember to give what I receive to others. Let me not fall into judgement of others or to say in my heart that they are not worthy of the blessings and gifts that You send. Let my feeble voice be one of peace,  consolation and joy in constantly celebrating this most important gift that I do not deserve and can never repay. Heal me of all my infirmities and give me the strength to joyfully proclaim the wonder of Your creation and to share this joy. I thank for Your patience with my struggle and ask that You give me the ability to show the same patience to others as they struggle to know and love You. This I pray to You in the name of the Father Who created all, the Son Jesus  Christ, who died that I might live, and the Holy Spirit that You sent to guide and comfort all who seek You. For You are Holy unto the  eons of eons.+++ Amen

Thanks to all who have helped me in my struggle by sharing themselves, their perceptions, and taking the time to help me understand life better. May y’all have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year, may God shower you all with His blessings and bring you to peace.


3 thoughts on “A Prayer For Christmas

  1. Beautiful prayer, frater. Beautiful pictures, as well. Grateful to have made your acquaintance this year. Wishing you more joy and love than you know what to do with except share with others.
    Peace be with you,


  2. the mater dolorosa always brings me great comfort. to know and realize and understand that someone maintained faith in spite of all the things happening in her life, i don’t know how i’d survive like that. yet she did.

    i think it is impossible to celebrate christmas by taking away the death of jesus and it is impossible to celebrate any part of his life without either end to it.


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