Hermits of our time.

Father Kimel over at Eclectic Orthodoxy originally shared this list of videos, yet when I reblogged this, it did not carry the link over. So I hope that I have corrected this.


2 thoughts on “Hermits of our time.

  1. I’ve always been attracted to the idea of being a hermit. I’ve sort of been one for some spells in my life – not in a remote, natural wilderness or anything as pure as that, but in my own way. It’s remarkable how much more clarity of perception (and bouts of understanding) there is to be found in quietness and solitude, especially in a natural setting. It makes you realise how noisy and disruptive the world is and how non-conducive to any kind of clarity it is until you get away from it for a while.

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    • Solitude can greatly benefit those striving to understand the truth of the world and the individual’s place in it, if they are not running from the world, if so, they will discover that they are really running from themselves and no matter where you go there you are.

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