Orthodoxy by Fr John Behr


46 thoughts on “Orthodoxy by Fr John Behr

  1. Was there right thinking prior to the council that canonized the NT? I pose this because some of the books excluded were used by first and second century Christians and embraced and employed and certainly was right thinking for them. So now that these books excluded that must mean that the earliest Christians were guilty of wrong thinking. How can the ones who lived mere decades from Christ’s presence be guilty of wrong thinking ? Now of course we see that Paul admonished some churches for wrong thinking(according to him) but it seems that the churches of later centuries including the present must have more wrong thinking than wrong thinking(alleged) of earliest Christians.


    • Some of the earlier works that were not included in the Canon for the Bible were due to, I think, not fitting the Apostolic requirement of the canon set by the councils, then I could be wrong, I am still learning this stuff. What the canon was trying to achieve was presenting what was taught scripturally to and by the Apostles and thus setting a canon to judge other extra biblical texts, the Bible was to be the essential teachings that Tradition did not cover and also be traditionally read. To answer your question of how Christians mere decades from Christ’s presence could be guilty of wrong thinking I would ask you to consider that Peter merely minutes from being in Christ’s presence denied Him three times.


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