I am an Orthodox Christian going through this life, treating each day as a learning experience about the one needful thing. I don’t always get this right, to be exact most of the times I get it wrong, yet I am still willing to engage in the glorious struggle.

29 thoughts on “About

  1. “glorious struggle” I like this. It is a struggle for mankind to give God all the glory. Nevertheless, he deserves it all.

    Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. Godspeed


  2. Thanks for stopping by. You may be interested in my other blog on the history of the Byzantine Empire. I will be covering religion through it from time to time. The Byzantines were far from perfect !


    • I have been very busy and I have been neglecting my own blog, yet there is something in the works so stay tuned and thanks for your support and keep up the good work on your blog.


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